Registration, renewal and support for domains .RU/.SU

FreeLogic - a direct partner of the major registrars РуНета: R01, RU-Center, RegTime.

Panel (https) management domain based on the registrar R01 »
Secure https-panel (signed certificate) management domains. Comfortable and fully-functional interface.
Allows customers to self-register, renew and manage your domains.
Free DNS-server, registrar. The convenient interface for managing DNS-records
Free domain parking templates (including forwarding and forwarding hidden). Postage.
Flexible and full concealment of personal information (e-mail, phone, name) to domains. RU and. SU for Whois.

All domains in the RU/SU registered on a real passport (for individuals) and registration (for business) the user data. This ensures the security of ownership of the domains (more precisely, the right administration of domains). Therefore, if you want any client can get out of control FreeLogic, back under the control of Registrar of R01 (or their partner), as well as to transfer their domains to any other registrar RU/SU.

Registration, renewal and management domains through RU-Center and RegTime in individual mode (without a separate control panel).